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Seasons of examinations are one of the most hectic and stressful for many students in an academic year. This could be rightly so since examination is the one time opportunity for business students to prove to the tutors and lectures their mastery of knowledge and ability to synthesize analyze and explain the concepts they have been taught in class, and in research.The ability to understand and apply business disciplines, and not just memorize business concepts is at the heart of business courses hence students ought to invest in their studies, research and revision..Allocating time for studies is one of the most critical aspects of achieving the goal of understanding and learning in time for examinations.. A study timetable that reflects a students study habits and preferences, goes a long way in helping students grasp the knowledge. A student should be able to identify the optimal study time when they are most alert and least likely to be interrupted. This should be a time when the student has assembled and prepared his study materials.As a student takes the time to study, mastery of fundamental business concepts is vital. HE should seek to understand particular phrases and key words used,at the same time underlining words and phrases he does not understand and looking them up in the dictionary.The time a student needs to study varies from students to student but irrespective of which every student should take breaks of designated times to refresh in between the study sessions, which maybe a short walk or a nap.Revision of study notes ought to be done soonest after a class so as to be able to remember most of what the lecturers taught. Revision session is also the time to expound on-short hand- and short notes. Referring back to notes keeps a student’s memory aware of the business ideas and principles which in turns helps to build a deeper understanding of the course.With a clearer perspective of the particular business discipline a student should then seek out to discuss and pass through the topics with other student in the class. This gives rise to the need for study groups. No matter how well a student is versed in a particular subject the range, scope and illumination that other students bring with them to the study group are indispensable. Students ought to form study groups of between four and six members to peruse through the notes and any relevant and related materials, sharing of their understanding and relying on the collective capacity of the group to tackle questions and insights that arise during the study time.Past papers is one of the treasure troves a student has at his disposal during preparation for examinations. The past papers help students to internalize examination methods, aspects of teaching he has not understood and the trend in setting of the examinations. Students therefore have a need to seek out past papers of business examinations and revise them in their study groups and any questions that prove to be outside the understanding of the group should be referred to other members of the class for analysis.A business student should also refer to the latest business journals, business newspapers, company websites and think tanks which provide news, trends and emerging aspects of particular business fields and interdisciplinary understanding of business systems. The business climate is dynamic and a students mastery of up to date information and business writing tips provides him not only an opportunity to pass examinations but also the ability to stay relevant in his understanding and engagement with the business world.One such authoritative and informative online writing resource is

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I would encourage you to read this entire third party review in order to make a solid decision. However, before I continue, I must disclose to you, that I am not an Amerisciences distributor. Therefore, feel confident, that you’re not getting unbiased third party information.Amrisciences Foundation -Who are They?Let’s go right into the foundation of Amerisciences business structure. It’s a company that sells nutritional products using a network marketing concept. It’s located in Houston Texas and founded by Lou Gallardo, Steven Redman, and Barry Cocheu. This team brings together over 40 year of experience, all from a distributor and legal stand point.Their products have been noticed by Fox News, NBC news and the Houston Business Journal. In addition, the company has set plans to work with NASA to develop nutritional supplements for astronauts while they are in space, having this said, Amerisciences seem to have a solid foundation with a focus to succeed.Is Amerisciences Marketing other productsThe company markets various nutritional products. One of their leading products is a healthy beverage called AS10, made from fruits Cupuacu, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The company has another product called AS10 Fusion and has the same health benefits from AS10 but has additional energy components.Cognitive is one of their other products, which is an Omega 3 Fatty acid supplement. Oral Wellness RX and Omega Max containing Fish Oil is also one of their other products that they market. All of their products seem to be high in quality and is marketable.Amerisciences Business OpportunityThe Amerisciences compensation plan has various channels of generating income, including upfront and residual income. In other words you can earn immediate bonuses for sponsoring new distributors and generate additional repetitive income by creating customer base that will purchase your products. The compensation seems to have a good income plan.Are You in the Right Business Opportunity?To finalize, this Business Opportunity seem to be a credible company with a good business opportunity. The company seems to have quality products with a compensation plan that has a lot of potential for the right person.Now that I have been able to share the main factors of this company, I must say this. The product knowledge, good product, and great compensation plan is not all that you will need when growing your business opportunity.Success with your Amerisciences business will depend on how you sponsor new individuals into your business, and market your products creating a large team. In order to achieve total success I recommend using an attraction marketing system that has given results in by you self branding yourself online and offline.This system will generate leads to your business, and allow you to make money even when people don’t join your business, plus sponsor people on the backend by a click of a button. Having all of these multi channels of attraction marketing in place, there is no limit on how you can grow, marketing your business.

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Marketing your freelance bookkeeping business doesn’t have to be difficult. It simply requires that you have a positive mindset about providing services that solve problems. There are some really easy and inexpensive ways to get the word out about your bookkeeping business. I’ll share with you two of my favorite ways – once you incorporate these into you marketing goals, you’ll see great results.Send Postcards to New Businesses in Your Area.One easy strategy is sending postcards to all the new businesses that move into your area. You can find them listed in the local community business journal, the Chamber of Commerce and the local Rotary. Once a new business is registered, send them the first card. You can continue to send them at intervals of every six weeks.There are online printing companies like or that have templates where you can make postcards inexpensively. They provide easy-to-use wizards to set it up.Something you could say on the postcard is, “Hey, new business owner! Come to my website and download your free report: 20 Things Every New Business Owners Needs to Know.” That will get them on your email list. Then you can follow up by sending out a regular email newsletter giving them useful information. At the end of your articles, you can let them know about the services you offer.If you want to target year-end business, send a postcard that says, “It’s year-end. Does the thought of getting your books and records in order overwhelm you?”Maybe you have a picture of a person overwhelmed with paper and you say, “Are you struggling to get your taxes ready in time? Call us for a free 30-minute consult,” or “Go to this website and schedule your free 30-minute consult and see how we can turn your chaos into simplicity for your tax refund.”You have to come up with a message for your target market. Make sure the call to action is clearly spelled out on your postcard. Tell them what to do next – whether you want them to come to your website and get on your mailing list or call you for a free consult.Reach Out to Local CPA Firms.Another way to market your freelance bookkeeping services is by contacting CPA firms in your area. Some might feel threatened that you’ll take work away from them, but keep looking until you find the right one to work with.The easiest way to make a contact with CPAs is to look at your client base and contact the CPA who’s on that account.Say, “We have a mutual client. I just wanted to touch base with you and introduce myself. I’m the bookkeeper. Here’s the information I’m going to be providing you at year-end. Do you have any preference for format?” Then ask them, “Is it okay for me to call you with questions about this particular event if something comes up that I think requires your attention?” That’s a great way to create rapport.Don’t be afraid to ask, “Do you have other clients who might be in need of my services?” Once a CPA sees your work and are happy with it, they’re going to realize it saves them time and they’ll give referral business to you.Another way to approach them is to personally visit every CPA office locally with a professional looking flyer or brochure and business cards. It gets the word out and gives them a chance to get to know you. It’s a great way to pick up new clients and get referrals for your freelance bookkeeping business.Would you like more step-by-step strategies for marketing your freelance bookkeeping business? Check out ” How to be a Marketing Pro When You’re Really a Bookkeeper!”

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Downtown Long Beach has a vibrant business scene and has a friendly environment for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to move there. Some of the top employers in the city include California State University, Boeing, United States Postal Service and Verizon.Downtown Long Beach’s business scene is also made up of many healthcare professionals and retail owners, and the city has recently made efforts to develop a sustainable green economy with eco-friendly policies and advanced technology. For example, the Chamber of Commerce has a green council that promotes sustainable business methods and last year the city assigned certain neighborhoods in the downtown area bike-friendly zones. Businesses in these zones will give discounts to cyclists who visit those areas.According to the Long Beach Business Journal, the economy downtown is expected to improve this year but will be a slow process. This is because of the state’s ongoing fiscal troubles that caused a decrease in important business projects throughout the state’s cities.Another reason for the area’s slow economic recovery this year is because of a decline in trading partners with the state in recent years. In addition, Boeing laid off hundreds of its workers in the city last year. But overall, the town still has a good business scene despite these problems.Because progressive attitudes always increase a city’s business reputation, it’s important to note that according to the LGBT-oriented magazine The Advocate, Long Beach was ranked #14 among the most gay-friendly cities in America. This is good news because the area has a strong gay community and this enables LGBT persons who want develop businesses to feel welcomed and comfortable while setting up shop.Downtown Long Beach’s business scene is also made up of green jobs and examples of these include eco-friendly home furnishings manufacturers, solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers, natural health food businesses, online writing jobs, recycling companies, community gardens, fuel companies and nonprofit jobs which promote sustainable living in the city.This California coastal city also has an Enterprise Zone Hiring Tax Program that offers tax credits to business owners in this city. According to the city’s website, businesses in Long Beach can save $37,000 in business taxes if they take advantage of this tax credit program and hire more workers each year. The tax credit also reduces businesses’ labor costs.The one thing that’s missing from the growth of the downtown business climate is minority-owned businesses. While some minority-owned businesses currently exist in this area, there is more room for aspiring minority entrepreneurs to set up shop in downtown Long Beach. One good business idea for minorities is to open a Farmer’s market or a clothing store which includes primarily clothing that’s made from eco-friendly materials. There are also hundreds of other ideas the can help the revitalization of the downtown area.

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In today’s world, everything revolves around technology. Today’s young executives are moving away from the corporate offices and gravitating towards the option of working online. The Internet allows people to telecommute for any job. From nursing to customer service, you can use the Internet to accomplish any job in today’s world. If you are searching for a great opportunity to get started with working online, look no further! Let’s take a look at how to find the 10 best home based business ideas of 2012.First, you need to do some research on the current online business trends. There are many options to choose from. You could be a virtual assistant, a freelance writer, or a web designer. Even the top direct sales companies are now making the Internet a central part of their programs. Take some time to read business journals and browse articles outlining the newest businesses to climb the ladder of success online.Second, talk to people who are working online. If you have a friend or neighbor that is already successfully making an income using the Internet, then you already have the perfect resource! Ask them about their job, what they do, and how they got started. They may be able to give you some great tips to help you break into the industry and find the opportunity that is right for you.Third, read blogs that are related to internet business. Many blogs will feature the 10 best home based business ideas each year. When you see an opportunity listed on several different blogs, you can be confident that it is a good option to consider. Blogs are also a great place to get the scoop on the latest work from home scams so you can be sure to avoid one of those damaging scenarios.Once you have a few ideas in mind, start compiling a list of your top choices. Write down anything that interests you or opportunities that others have recommended. Be sure to include any of the 10 best home based business ideas you found while doing your research and reading blogs online. When your list if complete, start doing extensive research on each opportunity. Talk to representatives from each company to ask questions, get references, and learn how the business actually works on a day-to-day basis.Check scam directories to eliminate any opportunities that made your list that could be associated with scams. Be detailed in your searches and check multiple directories as well as national agencies like the Better Business Bureau. If a company is truly one of the 10 best home based business ideas, it will have a good reputation both online and offline. If it is completely unheard of on popular work at home reviews or forums, you should probably steer clear. In the very least, wait it out to be sure the opportunity is a lasting business rather than another fly by night Internet scam.

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Well, as a non-supporter of the Obama Administration and a detractor often asserting the Administration of being anti-free-market capitalism, today, I give a round of applause and kudos for their latest small business indicatives. Yes, I know it is an election year and this stuff should have been done the FIRST day in office, and is much more important for job growth than just about anything else, but it’s also better late than never, regardless of whether this administration survives their political re-election campaign, okay so, let me explain.The Washington Business Journal had an interesting piece recently on July 11, 2012 titled; “Obama takes more steps to help small businesses,” by Kent Hoover which noted some of the things the Obama Administration was doing to help small businesses, and it listed 5-major points;1. Make sure that federal subcontractors — many of which are small businesses — get paid quickly by prime contractors;
2. Streamline and increase SBA loan size from $200K to $350K;
3. Reduce SBA disaster loan application and downsize the 80-page online form;
4. Tax credits for new businesses in economically depressed areas, and;
5. Allow Continuance of a $250K business investment deduction.It’s a start – So, I am happy with this, also I’d like to see some legitimate leadership in getting the bureaucracy to reduce burdensome and redundant regulations at all levels of government. If the Obama Administration takes the lead, puts out a plea to other levels of government and leads by example, WE WILL see small business job growth that I can guarantee.One thing that I am sure is going to irk at least some of the political competition over all this is that this move was done during the middle of a busy presidential election campaign. Some on the Obama side of the political spectrum might say that since he’s been bus-touring the country he’s met a lot of small business people, he’s been listening, thus, decided to act.This might be correct, however on the flip side of that argument one my assert that, well, they should have been looking out for the little guys all along, after all small business make up 67% of all the jobs, and 10% are self-employed, and that grand total is 77% of the population, so, it’s going to be hard to excuse the inaction even when we applaud the better late than never iniatives as a “good start” but hardly all that’s needed. Please consider all this and think on it.

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In a recent article I read I was shocked to learn that most massage therapy businesses used only 2-3 ways to promote their business.However there are a multitude of ways in which to do this. Driving new business to your door does not need to be time consuming or expensive. Of course you will need to invest some time in doing this but it can be fun and enjoyable.1) Building your massage therapy business requires you to network with customers. Remember, don’t adopt the wrong approach and try to network with everyone you come across. Be selective, the most effective way to network is to be selective, cultivate existing relationships.2) Ask for referrals – take a proactive approach rather than a passive one. Tell people who your ideal clients are and ask them to help you find them. This sounds simple – it is – why shouldn’t it be?3) Write – you are the specialist, become the expert. You know your subject.Every trade has a publication, a journal of some sort. Find the Massage Therapist Journal, then write and provide information about your website. This will drive customers to your website, they can see what you are about andwhat you have to offer.4) Keep your profile high. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep your massage therapy business in front of your customers and prospective customers. You can do this electronically (when you have a list of their email addresses) or via a paper format. Keep them informed about recent advents or promotions you are running.5) Use every bit of stationary you have as a way of business promotion. Envelopes with an address or website on will promote your massage therapy business. Opportunistic business situations will present – even the postman! Ensure all your details including your logo are on your stationary.6) Free information. This can be done in many ways. Be inventive. Provide this on your website or via a paper format in your salon window.7) Offer a guarantee. Prospective customers will feel comfortable with you knowing that if they are not completely satisfied there is a guarantee attached – this may alleviate any concerns.8) Get great copy. This can sell your massage therapy business alone and generate sales that go through the roof. Find an excellent copywriter – this may cost a little but you will reap the benefits over and over.9) Use a “Buddy System”. This is when you agree to promote another complementary business who has agreed to promote your business in return. This may be in the form of sharing brochures, leaflets or business cards.10) Give freebees where possible. People love to receive something free. Why not double up, such as a free pen with each booking, this will also provide free promotion at the same time. Your could offer a free (……) you fill in the blanks, with the first 5 bookings of(…….) again you fill in the blanks, during the month of (……..) yes you get it, you fill in the blanks.

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Business manipulation is an art. Art mastered almost to perfection. Nowadays, buying equals existing and in that sense the power of business is paramount. And so, companies become manipulators.How do companies use advertising – to manipulate or inform people? Yes, it gives information about what exists on the market, where and on what price, but it still remains the most powerful manipulative machine. Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by advertising slogans, posters, flyers, billboards. Each one of them offers us something off the price, make gifts and for what purpose? To convince the buyer to buy the product, to go on a holiday, to use a company. One customer will lead to another and so the ultimate goal of advertising will be achieved – increasing profits.The world is controlled by money and business manipulation keeps the winning cards. Today, one country belongs to those who control the big companies in it.The scam produced by companies in order to sell their products can be more outrageous than you can possibly imagine. In fact, the bigger the company, the higher the probability that it will try to acquire a monopolistic share in its market by using well-disguised manipulation.Drug companies can be notoriously shameless when speaking about business manipulation. One of the most striking examples was the scandal with the big pharmaceutical company Merck which had paid a well-known publisher to create a medical journal. The articles in this journal were, understandably, very positive about Merck drugs, but nobody had mentioned that the articles were written by Merck itself. This story is almost too hard to swallow, namely because, the company had been manipulating not only ordinary people to buy its products, but also doctors and other professionals who had been reading the journal – people who are trusted and can have influence on their patients.When thinking about this example, it’s hard not to ask ourselves how many other such cases are out there that we don’t know about. How many of the hundreds of products we use every day are a result of shameless business manipulation? The answer would probably depress us. How can we be sure that what we read in the press or what we see on television is not simply a paid advertisement? We cannot. Somehow, over time, being a consumer has started to mean being lied to, manipulated or indirectly robbed.

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Businesspersons seldom think of themselves as authors, yet they have knowledge that can be of real value to others. With the amazing advances that have occurred in publishing technology that knowledge can be converted to print with minimal effort, even if they’ve had no previous writing experience.The payoff is substantial when you share your wisdom in an article or possibly a book. You, the author, automatically become an expert in your field and your business benefits from a hefty boost in recognition. The publicity is particularly helpful to a small business seeking to build its reputation in the industry. The latest publishing technology and the Internet have combined to make this possible. So let your fingers (on the computer keyboard, that is) build your business.Distributing ArticlesFor decades, trade journals were the primary outlet for business writers. They still are an excellent source of publicity for your company because they are targeted directly to readers interested in your specialty. More than that, trade journal editors are usually hungry for informative articles, and are far more interested in the content of your article than in your writing style. The latter can be polished by the editor, but the content must come from the writer.You need little more than a computer and a copy of Writer’s Market to get started.
This directory provides you with a list of trade journals broken down by subject. It will tell you exactly what the editor is looking for, the favored length and how to submit your piece to the magazine.With your knowledge, the process of writing the article should be a “piece of cake.” Take the time to outline precisely what it is you want to relate. Be very specific. Editors don’t care that the packaged dry soup you sell is very tasty. They assume that. What they want to be able to show their readers is what you have done to make your specific brand so successful. What the special ingredients are. How you market it.When you’ve outlined everything you think a reader will want to know about you and your company, select the most salient, the most unique or the most informative point, and make that your opening paragraph. Use the middle of the article to expand on your other relevant points and wrap it up with a positive statement. The ending may be a quick restatement of the most important element of the article or perhaps a very brief summary of what you have written. Whatever your choice, the reader must feel satisfied that the time he/she has spent reading your words has been spent wisely.In addition to the printed journals, the Internet offers endless opportunities to expose your writing and your company to others in your specialty. Head to your favorite search engine, and enter the key words or phrases that characterize your specialty. Hundreds of outlets for your article will be displayed. You can send it to them individually or you can submit your article to an article directory like or to have it reach thousands of sites throughout the world at essentially no cost to you.Tackling a Full-Length BookNaturally, this is a bit more challenging. It requires a good deal more writing. Publishing is not as easy as simply looking up an editor and firing it off. The organization of a nonfiction book, probably a how-to in your case, is critical. Think of the sequence very much like the assembly directions enclosed in any kit. The book moves forward step-by-step adding additional information with each chapter.Before you undertake this challenge, be certain that it makes sense by answering the five basic questions that I outline in my book The Writer Within You:- Does the specific approach I chose offer enough material to fill a full-length book?
- Should I limit it to a magazine article?
- How broad is its appeal?
- Is the audience for the book large enough to make the effort worthwhile for me and broad enough to interest a publisher?
- What is different about my approach that will make my book unique?If the answers to these questions validate your decision to move ahead, the next
step is research. While your experience and your knowledge are both extensive, you will undoubtedly need to expand them. You also will want to quote other experts in the field and be able to include facts and figures that you may not know off hand. A nonfiction book is judged on the quality of its content, so be certain that yours is meaty and informative and most of all accurate.Getting It PublishedWith the arrival of digital printing technology, you are able to print your book quickly and relatively inexpensively. More important. You are not bound to long, costly press runs as you would have been not too long ago.This technology gave birth to a new category of publishing called Publishing on Demand (POD). These companies provide an excellent starting point for inexperienced authors. For a set fee upfront, they will format your manuscript, design a cover and handle all the nitty-gritty of securing ISBN, barcode, copyright, and deliver it to you as a finished book. Click on “Publishing on Demand” on your favorite search engine to find a lengthy list of POD houses.While this article is simply a brief introduction into the possibilities of helping to build your business through writing, there are a number of excellent books as well as capable writing coaches that you can call on for guidance. If you are looking for resources to help you, go to the library (or better yet buy it) and study the Appendix of The Writer Within You, my latest work. Vetted resources listed by category will introduce you to all the help you might ever need.Take advantage of this marvelous way to promote your business and your own personal expertise. It really is a lot easier than you think.

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However, important events in your life, at the time they are fresh, provide a link to your children and grandchildren. Memories fade, but a dated notation of your thoughts just before your wedding, at the birth of a child, a new house, or a cross-country move can enhance your family relationships in later years.About three years ago, my mother at age ninety-one, decided to recall special events in her life. She asked me to compose a journal. Memories of her early life were fairly vivid. However, when she was a busy wife and mother, she could not recall many events. I solicited information from my siblings, but their memories had faded as well. Sadly a gap appears in her journal.I decided it would be different for my family. I have not kept a detailed journal, but I did jot down thoughts of events and kept them in a file folder. The notes have jogged my memory so that I can add more details. I am in the process of collating them in a time line. My children are anxious to read the finished memory journal. I plan to complete it to about five years ago and add more in the years to come. A simple ring binder makes it simple to continually update it.Memories garnered from your siblings or your early years and later, your husband’s thoughts will make your memory book more interesting and exciting. Photos can be incorporated as well as copies of your birth certificate and marriage license will add to the legacy your leave your children.Our lives are busy and it is often difficult to add another task, but a spiral notebook with dates and jottings of events will aid you in writing your journal later. It only takes a few moments and will be invaluable later on.When your grandchild asks a question about the past, you will be able to give him amusing and informative answers.You don’t need writing classes. The basics of sentence structure, a dictionary and a sense of humor will infuse your journal with memories to entertain your family for years.Place the spiral notebook beside your easy chair. While relaxing in the evening, jot down any memorable event. Some days there will be nothing to write. Don’t worry. You are not composing a tome. Even if you skip a week or so, you can easily catch up.Happy journaling! Your family will thank you.